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Ticketing was unfortunately problematic and the [Olympic] park should have been open longer, people wanted somewhere to go." So what's next for the award-winning architect?

Her aquatic centre raised the bar again for her firm – "we learned a lot from it" – but still Dame Zaha won't ever believe she has "made it".

”Any number of responses could have put this spat to bed, but you have chosen to escalate it — and are dragging your other relatives into your feud.

I also love my pets like family, and occasionally I’ve thought about ditching my family events so I can hang out with the four-legged contingent.

"I will never give myself the luxury of thinking 'I've made it'.

I'm not the same as I was 20 years ago, but I always set the bar higher." My 10 minutes are up.

— Pet-Friendly Guy Dear Pet-Friendly: Congratulations, you are in a catfight!

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It’s time for the fur to stop flying, and for everyone to settle down and lick their wounds.

I don't know, if somebody doesn't like me, they're not going to tell me, but it was awkward at times." Dame Zaha says a lot has changed since then, adding that she hasn't noticed prejudice in recent years. Thirty years ago, you were exotic." She believes that women are leading the change in attitudes as more succeed in business, and more enter the field of architecture. "It's like anything else in life, if you manage it well, it's fine." She thinks back to the Olympics last summer in London and remembers the "good experience" of designing the aquatic centre.

"I didn't go to every single meeting, but it was fine.

A few months' back, Dame Zaha criticised the "misogyny" among UK architects, arguing that society is not equipped to help women back to work after childbirth.

She said she had faced "more misogynist behaviour" in London than anywhere else in Europe.

"It’s hard to believe, but it’s still difficult for women to break the business barrier.